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Home Heating Oil
Heating oil is used by many to heat their homes during the colder months of the year. Our low prices will keep you warm for the winter and keep extra money in your wallet.

Kerosene, used in lamps, portable stoves, alternate heating, and as an organic solvent, is great for all your outdoor heating needs and we have a ready supply just for you.

Off Road Diesel
Diesel engines produce superior torque over gasoline engines making them the obvious choice for the heavy farm work all agricultural machines are required to perform. Let Snyder Discount Oil supply off road diesel for your farm vehicles and you will notice the extra money in your pocket.

On-Road Diesel
Diesel engines are renown for their high fuel economy and robust long life. We have just the fuel for these great vehicles at a genuinely affordable price.

Generator Fuel
Use our fuel to power your generators. If your power needs are beyond the limits of the grid, we can help. Choose us and save money.